Sales Team

Our professional, courteous and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you find the products to help grow your business. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Phone: 423-894-3007


Erik Almy Ext. 742 Sales Team Supervisor
Adam Castellon Ext. 525
Andrew Lenhausen Ext. 441
Beverly Boulware Ext. 399
Bob Stiles Ext. 727
Caleb Hedrick Ext. 496
Chris Myrick Ext. 445
Dustin Cimoli Ext. 439
F.J. Paul Ext. 435
Jason Vaughn Ext. 753
Jessica Byrne Ext. 498
John Kirkland Ext. 506
Joshua Andrews Ext. 431
Lacy Clack Ext. 425
Lamar Mosley Ext. 716
Leslie Patino Ext. 398
Mark Belknap Ext. 737
Mary Jones Ext. 724
Matt Stansell Ext. 507
Michael Amory Ext. 567
Mike Hood Ext. 732
Morgan Underwood Ext. 394
Rhonda Hellard Ext. 488
Robin Brokob Ext. 424
Robin Richardson Ext. 491
Ryan Baushke Ext. 452
Scot Hackney Ext. 437
Tony Ledford Ext. 725
Travis Stallings Ext. 509
Export Ext. 724