About CSSI


Family First

An American Story

Back in 1977, two sportsmen founded Chattanooga Shooting Supplies out of a passion for the outdoors. Orders were written down and inventory was pulled from the shelves of their garage and shipped with the same professional courtesy that exists today. But now Chattanooga Shooting encompasses a 75K square foot facility and employs over 100 people, many of which share that same passion for the outdoors. To this day, Chattanooga Shooting supports the passion of our dealers through the extensive and diverse product offering we carry as well as friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff.

We carry top-selling brands your customers are looking for. Our Sales Reps have extensive experience in shooting and hunting, and share that same passion for the outdoors as you and your customers do.

Being part of the Chattanooga Shooting family means that you will receive personalized service to help you build your business, whether you are a single retail outlet or a multi-state, multi-store operation. We want to help you grow no matter how big or small you are!